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Sorry for any inconvenience.

Hello! Welcome to claim_a_writer. Please read the rules and check the Claims List before joining / claiming. Thanks! :]


1. ONE claim per person. As the community maintainer, I [veritaserum] am allowed more - within reason, of course. And up to TWO people may share a claim, but no more than that. I don't want it getting out of hand.

2. You may claim authors, poets, screenwriters, songwriters, comic book writers, playwrights, fan fiction writers ... any writer. I would also appreciate if you would tell me what kind of writer you are claiming when you stake your claim, just for my own knowledge.

3. You will not be allowed to change your claim, so be sure that who you are claiming is the writer you really want.

4. You must join the community and POST AN ENTRY to claim your writer. If you try to claim in a comment, your request will be ignored.

5. If you change journals please let me know by stating your old & new journal names and who you claimed so that I can update your claim.

6. READ THE CLAIMS LIST. If you claim someone who has already been claimed twice, you claim will NOT count.

7. I will update the Claims List as often as possible. There may be long periods in which the list won't been updated, and I apologize for that. At the very LEAST, the list will be updated once a month.

8. Please don't hassle anyone about their claims or start any fights. If you do, your claims will be stripped and you will be banned.

9. You may only advertise communities when you MAKE YOUR CLAIM, and it must be a CLAIMS community. Otherwise your post will be deleted.

10. This is just for fun. You don't have any real "claim" on these writers. Duh. ;]

That's it! Fairly simple, right? Then join and get claiming! ;]

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